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                              Six Sigma my Super Hero


    As unreal Superhero based movies rake in millions, it will be unfair not to talk about the real superhero saving millions across the globe for all forms of businesses.


    Superhero in a fictional world usually possesses Supernatural powers, dedicated to fighting the evils of the universe and protecting people. Similarly, Six Sigma is a business world Superhero that possesses super real tools dedicated to fighting the evils of the processes and protects customer interests.


    Six Sigma tools like FMEA, Pareto, SIPOC, Hypothesis Testing, DOEs, Control Charts, etc. are better than Thor, Iron Man, Superman, Black Panther, etc. because these tools not only hunt and eliminate the evils in the process but also stop its reproduction.


    Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology introduced by Motorola in the 1980s and is all about understanding and fulfilling customer's needs and requirements through a robust, fact-based, data-driven approach.


    It strives for a defect level that is not more than 3.4 parts for a million opportunities and ensures you are producing and delivering what customer needs.If well implemented it can improve the quality of the process, reduce variation and eliminate errors resulting in lower operating costs, increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

    By applying tools such as statistical analysis and process mapping to problems and solutions, the team can visualize and predict the outcome with high level of accuracy, letting leadership make a decision with less financial risk.




    Key Activities

    Key Features


    Define goals and customer


    Project charter, VOC, Process Map, SIPOC


    Measure the health of the process, Validate assumptions about the process and the problem

    VSM, Data Collection Plan, MSA, Gage R&R


    Identify and validate root causes of defects, Identify the relationship between variables

    Cause & Effect Analysis, FMEA, Hypothesis Testing, Confidence Intervals


    Determine Best solution, Pilot Solution, Verify Solution. Improve process by reducing variation

    Design of Experiments, Solution Selection Matrix, Piloting and simulation


    Implement solution, Training, Controls, and Standards are established so sustain improvements

    Statistical Process Controls, Revised FMEA, SOPs, Project Transition Model

    However, implementing the Six Sigma methodology has its own set of challenges.



    ·         Leaders unfamiliar with Six Sigma Methodology


    ·         A staff that is fearful of change


    ·         Lack of resources


    ·         Poor Project execution


    ·         Data access issues

    Overcoming challenges and successful deployment of Six Sigma results in huge financial benefits.

    Key Benefits:


    ·         Improved customer loyalty


    ·         Reduced cycle time


    ·         Strategic planning


    ·         Cost reduction


    ·         Customer satisfaction


    ·         Revenue generation


    Research & Findings:


    As per ASQ, one of the main findings of the research done on 28 Six Sigma implementing organizations showed that an average savings of 1.7 percent of revenues over the period of implementation and an average return of more than $2 in direct savings on every dollar invested on Six Sigma.

    More than 53% of 500 Fortune Companies have deployed Six Sigma to some extent. General Electric (GE) alone saved $12 billion in its first 5 years of implementation. It has been estimated that Six Sigma has saved Fortune 500 companies $427 billion in the last 20 years, a figure that has generated buzz across the business world.

     In simple term, Six Sigma helps an organization increase profit by keeping the customer happy.


    If there is one commonality among businesses in every industry, it is the desire to improve results. The proper deployment and application of Six Sigma not only ensure improved results but also helps an organization sustain it.


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